Marai: The Lost Empire

Helius 18, 675 (Shadow)
Courage and Betrayal

Entering Courage for the first time, the PCs are overwhelmed not only with the number of survivors, but the organization and knowledge of the Habrinel. Despite being cursed with fear for over 300 years, they still managed to eke out a decent living considering the circumstances.

Discussing with Gisha and Zereth, the party moves to attack a group of Imperial soldiers bound to destroy the Tree of Konor. A near flawless plan is executed with the assistance of their new allies.

That is, until the betrayal of Danath is revealed. In exchange for his rank and freedom, Danath gave Captain Enrath of the Drakin Empire all the information he had, thus threatening everything. But it is Ragnorak who executes the betrayer, and steals his dagger, magical blade known as “Ebonclaw”

Helius 17, 675 (Sorrow)
Wolf in Shadree Clothing

Making a deal with the Lycanthropes of the Temple district, the party is finally able to obtain the Sunchime. Moving through the sewers, the undead are unable to attack them due to the Sunchime’s power.

Returning to the house of Enrai Half-Orc, they are met by the long assumed extinct human race of Habrinel. Lauded as heroes, they meet the leaders of the city of Courage, Gisha and Zereth. They discover that not only did the God Konor have another ancestral line among the Habrinel, but he also gifted them with abilities of the mind, including telepathy, telekinesis, object reading.

Rhaegar has a vision of a coming battle, though he cannot describe or understand its meaning. Marvyn also has a vision, of a current happening sent to him by the Witch of Wands. He describes a cloud of entropy that is engulfing Aghrim in the Naktu Federation.

16 Helius, 675 (Dream)

The party decides to rest in a Shrine of Ilsidel where a mystical pool resides. There they each find something they can use, especially Rhaegar, who discovers a Blade of Valor. After having the most peaceful rest of their adventures yet, they work their way up the tower to find the Seed of Djiri.

Quick thinking gets them past the guardian of the tower, and they are able to work their way up the winding, trap filled stairs. Their elation at their progress is short lived as they come face to face with a zombified spectator beholder.

After a brutal battle, Eleven moves towards the seed and merges with it, her human side ripped away leaving only the Star Elf side of her intact. Immediately, the Curse of the Star Elves begins to set in, and she loses her mind.

15 Helius, 675 (Sleep)

Making their way through the Gold Gate district, the party is unbelievably left alone by roaming undead. When they enter the Temple District they find children playing in the street. They soon meet a leader of people living in the temples of Sol Linaru, Ilsidelius, Valor, and Valera. Obviously inbred, the people invite the group to stay the evening and share in a meal. The party graciously declines and moves towards the Tower District instead, saying they will return. Everyone is uncomfortable about the whole situation.

Entering the Tower District, however, leads to its own problems when Ragnorak steps on a glyph and vanishes. Standing in his place is a Naktu priest named Canopis. He enjoins the group to accept Helaena into their heart and they instead find that he has been missing for 100 years. Unsure how to retrieve Ragnorak, they continue down the spiraling road, and into a Wight, zombies, and animated armor and weapons. Running, they hide in an abandoned bath house trying to figure out a plan.

14 Helius, 675 (Respite)

Leaving the dying forest, the party reaches Merchant’s Row, a immaculately cared for street along the cliffs on the edge of the ruins. They find the bodies of a few HAE soldiers hacked to bits, and test their theory by sending Zombie Prig to explore an armory. He is destroyed by an animated hammer and the group continues down the street, not wanting to press their luck by entering the shops. Soon, they reach the Gold Gates and discover that it is filled with undead. Rather than risk entering too close to dusk, they spend the night outside the gates.

13 Helius 675 (Prayer)

Deciding to travel to the Tower of Light to break the curse against the Habrinel, the party moves into The Greenway, an ancient park in Port Habrin that has been magically altered by a terrible druid known as Thornmaw. As they enter, they are immediately attacked by animated trees and shrubs, and are nearly killed. They run as quickly as they can through the overgrown forest until they encounter an ampitheatre.

There they meet the strange man, Ragnorak, who tells them a tale of chasing a man who had his dagger, but the man and his party were torn to shreds by a horrible beast. Eventually, Ragnorak decides to travel with the party through the rest of the Greenway. They are then attacked by Giant Wasps, and Thornmaw himself, who is an awakened owlbear druid. Thornmaw is soundly defeated and pleads for a truce, which the party grants if he heals the fallen. After doing so, Thornmaw turns to leave when Ragnorak assassinates him with his bow. The Greenway immediately begins to disintegrate.

12 Helius 675 (Whisper)

Making their way back to the laboratory of Dasilus, Cantor, Rhaegar, Eleven, and Marvyn find the zombified Prig guarding the room. Dasilus taunts them for not removing the vermin, but agrees to give them the use of Prig via a necromantic stone, but not before he implies that he has met Rhaegar once before. Reaching the woman in stasis, Cantor’s clockwork holy symbol unlocks to reveal a small emerald with the symbol of Konor upon it. It fits the contraption that holds the woman, and she falls to the ground. She reveals herself to be Kol, Goddess of Fate, and that she is ready to reveal her last prophecy before she passes into the void forever.

“The Lady of Fate has none,
Her Power wanes in apathy.
The Devourer’s Daughter gathers strength,
Her Scourge consuming all.
The Saint’s Progeny split in twain,
His Patron and Master at odds.
Four Towers to crumble, Four Empires razed.
Should the Sun reveal the Jaded shrine,
Nothing, forever more.”

After debating what to do, Eleven guides the group to the Monastery of Fallen Stone, led by a Master Monk. An original member of the Order of Cerulean Star, Master Enrai recognizes something in all of them, and gives advice to Cantor.

11 Helius 675 (Thought)

Hatching an inspired plot, the party tricks the ambush team into being ambush and Sergeant Krentor and his Priestess Saraya are defeated. Taking the key, the party unlocks their Slicers, gain some equipment and begin to reconstruct the battle to throw off any investigation. However, Eleven is suddenly possessed and in a voice not her own says, “The Lady will see you now,” collapsing to the ground. Danath finds his stolen signet ring and disappears into the night.

10 Helius, 675 (Breath)

Taking his prisoners to the University Daboure to free the Steamecha, Overseer Krenth reveals himself to be a member of Chimera, the resistance group fighting against the Holy Archen Empire. Cantor, Danath, Eleven, Marvyn, Rhaegar, and the Oomingmak Grolch, make their way into the ruins. Hoping to find a key to remove the Slicers from their neck, they move beneath the city to find Sergeant Krentor. Grolch stays behind to guard the Tree of Konor.

7 Helius, 675 (Glow)
Faith's Landing

Cantor, Ragnorak, and Danath are brought by ship to Faith’s Landing, a new HAE military colony built upon the ruins of Port Habrin. The same day, Marvyn, Runt, and Eleven are captured by the Holy Archen Empire. Eleven escapes while Marvyn and Runt are separated. Cantor, Danath, and Marvyn are fitted with Slicers, clockwork collars with a time delay throat knife. They are then placed under the care of Overseer Krenth and meet the Blue Drakin, Rhaegar. Ragnorak has his own agenda.


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