Marai: The Lost Empire

12 Helius 675 (Whisper)


Making their way back to the laboratory of Dasilus, Cantor, Rhaegar, Eleven, and Marvyn find the zombified Prig guarding the room. Dasilus taunts them for not removing the vermin, but agrees to give them the use of Prig via a necromantic stone, but not before he implies that he has met Rhaegar once before. Reaching the woman in stasis, Cantor’s clockwork holy symbol unlocks to reveal a small emerald with the symbol of Konor upon it. It fits the contraption that holds the woman, and she falls to the ground. She reveals herself to be Kol, Goddess of Fate, and that she is ready to reveal her last prophecy before she passes into the void forever.

“The Lady of Fate has none,
Her Power wanes in apathy.
The Devourer’s Daughter gathers strength,
Her Scourge consuming all.
The Saint’s Progeny split in twain,
His Patron and Master at odds.
Four Towers to crumble, Four Empires razed.
Should the Sun reveal the Jaded shrine,
Nothing, forever more.”

After debating what to do, Eleven guides the group to the Monastery of Fallen Stone, led by a Master Monk. An original member of the Order of Cerulean Star, Master Enrai recognizes something in all of them, and gives advice to Cantor.


Noshmek Noshmek

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