Marai: The Lost Empire

13 Helius 675 (Prayer)


Deciding to travel to the Tower of Light to break the curse against the Habrinel, the party moves into The Greenway, an ancient park in Port Habrin that has been magically altered by a terrible druid known as Thornmaw. As they enter, they are immediately attacked by animated trees and shrubs, and are nearly killed. They run as quickly as they can through the overgrown forest until they encounter an ampitheatre.

There they meet the strange man, Ragnorak, who tells them a tale of chasing a man who had his dagger, but the man and his party were torn to shreds by a horrible beast. Eventually, Ragnorak decides to travel with the party through the rest of the Greenway. They are then attacked by Giant Wasps, and Thornmaw himself, who is an awakened owlbear druid. Thornmaw is soundly defeated and pleads for a truce, which the party grants if he heals the fallen. After doing so, Thornmaw turns to leave when Ragnorak assassinates him with his bow. The Greenway immediately begins to disintegrate.


Noshmek Noshmek

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