Marai: The Lost Empire

15 Helius, 675 (Sleep)


Making their way through the Gold Gate district, the party is unbelievably left alone by roaming undead. When they enter the Temple District they find children playing in the street. They soon meet a leader of people living in the temples of Sol Linaru, Ilsidelius, Valor, and Valera. Obviously inbred, the people invite the group to stay the evening and share in a meal. The party graciously declines and moves towards the Tower District instead, saying they will return. Everyone is uncomfortable about the whole situation.

Entering the Tower District, however, leads to its own problems when Ragnorak steps on a glyph and vanishes. Standing in his place is a Naktu priest named Canopis. He enjoins the group to accept Helaena into their heart and they instead find that he has been missing for 100 years. Unsure how to retrieve Ragnorak, they continue down the spiraling road, and into a Wight, zombies, and animated armor and weapons. Running, they hide in an abandoned bath house trying to figure out a plan.


Noshmek Noshmek

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