Marai: The Lost Empire

16 Helius, 675 (Dream)


The party decides to rest in a Shrine of Ilsidel where a mystical pool resides. There they each find something they can use, especially Rhaegar, who discovers a Blade of Valor. After having the most peaceful rest of their adventures yet, they work their way up the tower to find the Seed of Djiri.

Quick thinking gets them past the guardian of the tower, and they are able to work their way up the winding, trap filled stairs. Their elation at their progress is short lived as they come face to face with a zombified spectator beholder.

After a brutal battle, Eleven moves towards the seed and merges with it, her human side ripped away leaving only the Star Elf side of her intact. Immediately, the Curse of the Star Elves begins to set in, and she loses her mind.


Noshmek Noshmek

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