Marai: The Lost Empire

Helius 17, 675 (Sorrow)

Wolf in Shadree Clothing

Making a deal with the Lycanthropes of the Temple district, the party is finally able to obtain the Sunchime. Moving through the sewers, the undead are unable to attack them due to the Sunchime’s power.

Returning to the house of Enrai Half-Orc, they are met by the long assumed extinct human race of Habrinel. Lauded as heroes, they meet the leaders of the city of Courage, Gisha and Zereth. They discover that not only did the God Konor have another ancestral line among the Habrinel, but he also gifted them with abilities of the mind, including telepathy, telekinesis, object reading.

Rhaegar has a vision of a coming battle, though he cannot describe or understand its meaning. Marvyn also has a vision, of a current happening sent to him by the Witch of Wands. He describes a cloud of entropy that is engulfing Aghrim in the Naktu Federation.


Noshmek Noshmek

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