Marai: The Lost Empire

5 Helius, 675 NC (Heart)

Following the trail of a shadowy figure in the sewers of the ruins of Port Habrin leads Wraith, Runt, Prig and Marvyn to a dark wizard’s laboratory, which contains a mystical green prison which houses a woman. Unfortunately, the dark wizard, the Star Elf Dasilus, is home and kills Wraith and Prig to prove his point. Dasilus’ daughter, Eleven, begs her father to spare Marvyn and Runt and he only does so if they agree to rid the ruins of what he calls vermin. As they move through the ruins to the University Daboure, they discover the Tree of Konor and witness the military encampment run by the Drakin soldiers of the Holy Archen Empire.

4 Helius, 675 NC (Life)
The Swath

Sent to retrieve the Shield of Faulish, Marvyn joins Wraith, Runt, and Prig to travel to the ruins of Port Habrin. In a long trench known as The Swath, they follow a gruesome trail, they discover an ambush site and a shadowy figure. Their search leads them to explore the sewers beneath the ruins and discover the cursed Habrinel and the Book of Naburo.


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