Marai: The Lost Empire

Helius 18, 675 (Shadow)

Courage and Betrayal

Entering Courage for the first time, the PCs are overwhelmed not only with the number of survivors, but the organization and knowledge of the Habrinel. Despite being cursed with fear for over 300 years, they still managed to eke out a decent living considering the circumstances.

Discussing with Gisha and Zereth, the party moves to attack a group of Imperial soldiers bound to destroy the Tree of Konor. A near flawless plan is executed with the assistance of their new allies.

That is, until the betrayal of Danath is revealed. In exchange for his rank and freedom, Danath gave Captain Enrath of the Drakin Empire all the information he had, thus threatening everything. But it is Ragnorak who executes the betrayer, and steals his dagger, magical blade known as “Ebonclaw”


Noshmek Noshmek

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