A Brief History of the Godswar


By Opex Tision- Wandering Historian.

So little is known about what really happened 300 years ago in the conflict that we now call the Godswar. Still it is perhaps the most important event in history so its effects on Marai should be studied. The Godswar began with the event called The Long Dark. For three days the sun failed to rise and the world was awash in darkness. No one at the time knew what caused this calamity, but we now know that those events were set off by the birth of the child-god Djiri, “The Devourer.” An attempt was made to destroy him at birth but it was met with failure. To the best of recorded knowledge several Gods perished that night, including Sol Linaru. Additionally, the Order of the Cerulean Star, the greatest group of adventurers of that age were also destroyed. Those deaths, and the release of Djiri on the world had major ramifications; both on the continents and the very nature of magic itself.

The true Godswar started 10 years later when Djiri created an army of Harbingers and attempted to take over the world. He delivered cursed “eggs” to all of the major races that turned each group’s primary asset against themselves. Apparently the Devourer appreciated irony. He easily conquered most of Marai and his sphere of influence was delineated by a looming black wall that spread all over the world. The last place that he chose to conquer was the continent of Ursanami. Unfortunately for him, the majority of the people who were essential to his downfall were there at the time.

Djiri was opposed and eventually defeated by a new group of adventurers who, perhaps in homage, called themselves the Order of the Cerulean Flame. Their exploits could fill numerous volumes and, truth be told, most of their deeds are legends at best. Who knows which stories are true? What we do know is that Djiri was defeated and that a new age of Marai began. Since so little is actually known about what really happened, perhaps it might be best to focus on the major players of the conflict and what we understand to be true of them.

DJIRI: The child-god or Devourer. He was conceived when Ortar, the God of Hatred raped Valera, the Goddess of Love. By all accounts he chewed his way out of his mother. Djiri was childlike and whimsical, but hardly innocent. He wished to rule all of Marai and to make the world his plaything. Fortunately he failed.

CONNOR STARSON/KONOR SON OF STARS: Connor was a member of the Order of the Cerulean Flame. He and the rest of the Order were key in thwarting Djiri’s plans of world domination. Connor was raised by the Order of the Cerulean Star; in fact he thought he was the son of Derek and Cindra, the leaders of that group. He later discovered he was the reincarnation of Konor, a proto-god who created the world but was cast down by Sol Linaru and the other Gods. As a mortal, Connor was troubled and moody, but he was a master manipulator. He also was highly educated and his knowledge of previous battles allowed him to excel in strategic endeavors. He could also sing a little. As for Konor; little is known about this God. There are some minor cults devoted to him spread around Marai, but as of this writing, no divine magic has ever been bestowed on a worshiper of Konor. Apparently the creator of the world has left it for the time being.

AKRA: Akra was a Drakkin Avenger of the God Valor. He was a later addition to the Order, but he was perhaps the most essential. Akra possessed incredible power and for a brief moment appeared to be ready to unite and control the Drakkin Empire. It is rumored that during a pivotal battle he actually transformed himself into a true Dragon. Some say he inherited Valor’s power after the God was slain. Little is known of what happened to Akra after the Godswar. He was a prolific writer, though, and his journals were the foundation of the Church of Akra, which became tenants of the Holy Empire of Akra. What really happened to him? Perhaps he ascended, but it is known that his clergy never received blessing until his son, Archemides, came on the scene and created the Holy Archen Empire. Blessed be his name…

WATSEKA/KALA/FIVE SISTERS: All of the deities known as the Five Sisters had some kind of affiliation with the Order of the Cerulean Flame. Kala and Watseka, however, were the only true members of the Order. Wateseka served first, then, after a period Kala. It is known that the Order was present when Heleana sacrificed herself to protect Ahgrim. They were also apparently there when Mitsuko was killed. The last known missive of the Order was that they were heading to Djiri’s stronghold to rescue Azhira, the last of the Five. Undoubtedly they encountered her as well. It took about 20 years after the Godswar before The Church of the Five Sisters came to prominence, but it is now one of the strongest religions in the world. After Archemides of course… praise be to his name.

JOGAILA GEDIMINAS: Jogaila was the epitome of the Tuust race; brave, unselfish, slightly crazy… He always considered himself as “Just a dude” despite the amazing things he accomplished. His actions in the Godswar lead him to great things. First he was appointed a Senator in the Tornagh nation, then he earned the title of Emperor of the Shen through arcane, but strictly legal methods. After the Godswar ended, he returned to the Shen Empire and led them through a golden age. Since he was an outsider, however, the Shen oligarchy never accepted him. Soon after his death the Shen supremacy began to unravel. In life he was one of the toughest son-of-a-bitches who ever lived! Many are the stories of his recklessness in battle; he jumped into the maw of a Remorhaz and tackled a demi-god off a 300ft chasm. No matter what was thrown at him, Jogaila prevailed.

THRUSH/ORTAR: Thrush’s participation in the Godswar is perhaps the most confusing. It is know that he fought with the Order from the beginning, but at some point he became the reincarnation of the God Ortar. At different times of the conflict he was both ally and foe to the Order. He was apparently killed by Connor/Konor for reasons unknown. It is a fact, though, that divine magic had not been provided by Ortar since the Long Dark. This is probably a good thing though, since Ortar was a very unsavory character with an allegedly foul mouth.

So that is what is known my friends. Use this knowledge, or dismiss it as legend, or perhaps whimsy. Only the Gods know if what is written here is true. The Gods aren’t talking, however, and with this silence, does Marai even stand a chance?

A Brief History of the Godswar

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